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Oh My Goodness...An Homage to Sheneneh

Cleaning out my closet this morning, I heard the faint sound of Come and Talk to Me, by Jodeci emanating from my neighbors car radio.  That song reminded me of the infamous quote by Sheneneh Jenkins…” no loud music after 10:00pm, unless it's Jodeci or Patti Labelle…”  For those of you, who have no idea who Sheneneh Jenkins is, allow me to provide a little background.

 In a time, long, long ago, before Ipods and Smartphones, there existed a well know situation comedy show called Martin.  It was created by actor and comedian Martin Lawrence and was must see TV before there was must see TV.    Martin, and the characters it spawned, coined some of our best known urban colloquialisms’; “You go girl”, “What’s up”, “Get to steppin”, “Oh my Goodness”.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing The Martin Lawrence show or Martin as it was known to millions of its viewers, I beg you to get your hands on a DVD of any one of the episodes.  Believe me it will be worth it, if for no other reason than to witness the antics of the shows most popular character, diva extraordinaire, Sheneneh Jenkins. 

Sheneneh Jenkins represented the women we all know.  Over the top, confident, not adhering to anyone rules.  Replete with big hair, long finger nails, and glitter lip gloss…their mantra, “if it looks good on the mannequin, it’ll look good on me. She sincerely believed fashion fopa’s and body flaws made her more desirable not less, and would never ask, “Do I look fat in this?”   They had the wisdom of a Supreme Court justice, and would always punctuate their most profound thoughts with a rendition of their personal theme song, which was something by either Madonna or Mary J. Blige.  Sheneneh ushered in a new type of female archetype, the finger snapping “I don’t care what you think”, woman.

It doesn’t matter what ethnic group you’re a member of or what socioeconomic status you’re in, you all know a Sheneneh Jenkins.  She’s Janet at the Pump and Go, with the magenta hair, orange hook nails and a ring on every finger, or Angie the waitress at the original House of Pancakes proudly rocking the Gold Platforms, green fishnets, and a wit that could bleed you in two seconds.  She’s your mother, sister, best friend.  In my case it was my cousin “T”.  Cousin “T” was the coolest person in the world.  She always sported a big bee hive, with a T embossed in it, gold fingernails, and about twenty pounds of rings, earrings and necklaces.  She could change her clothes while driving a stick shift and worked at the local discount drug store, which meant she could get discounts on the already discounted Artmatic cosmetics.  

In the words of that profound thinker Napoleon Dynamite…she had skills.  These skills where artfully used when she master minded the ultimate cool move…sneaking me and her friends Megan Fitzgerald, Anna and Maria Mendoza, Heather Stein, and Kim Pham ( the united nations of Sheneneh’s), into the Prince, Diamond and Pearls concert.  All she had to do was show up at the stage door, me on her coat tails.  The security guard took one look, befuddled at first, concluding I’m sure, we were part of the warm up act.  Confidence and that, I don’t care what you think attitude, got us into the hottest show in town. 

As I was boxing up the items from my closet, I discovered a pair of jeans that while cute, were a bit snug, forming that irritating “muffin top”.  To hell with it I thought.   I put them on paired with a tight tank top, and some glitter lip gloss. Looking in the mirror I snapped my finger and started going through the music library in my mind in search of my own theme song.

Channeling Sheneneh.

Oh my goodness...look at them shoes.



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